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Monday, January 26, 2015



I loved seeing what each of you are working on! Your Row-along quilt is looking great, Deb. The star block was in the Christmas quilt I am finishing up, and it was one of my favorite blocks in the quilt. The autumn leaf blocks became Christmas lights, and I had to do those 3 times & they still weren't exactly right. But they're in the quilt now, and probably nobody will notice but me. Although Beth did say they looked upside down to her! Anyway. Great work for a snowy day! We're actually having a bit of a thaw ans lots of sunshine - loving that!


What industrious girls you all are! I loved reading about your quilting projects. They are so pretty! I'm feeling a bit guilty as I have 2 that are WIPs and no chance of being worked on right now. I'm reading a Linda Chaikin adventure series that has me in its grips. She's a really good Christian author.
Have a great day!


We got about 1.5-2 inches of snow here in Richmond. We were not supposed to get anything. It is supposed to stop soon. I have thought about you a lot, Deb. Back when you did your post of the disappearing 9 patch, I put one together but I didn't like how the pattern turned out so I put it away for a year or two. I got it out this past weekend and took it apart and put it back together again, this time much nicer. I still have to put the backing on it and quilt it. Thanks for the inspiration to keep quilting!



We spent part of our day working on decorations and packing gift bags for our ladies tea this weekend.
Your quilting and sewing work is beautiful. Show us a picture of all that snow you got! :)


The Ehlingers

No snow down here!! It was 80 degrees for two days. I did get out in the sunshine and warmth and started collecting things to build our new chicken pen, as well as, new fence for our garden. Seeds are ordered and we should be planting inside as soon as they come in. The temps WILL drop again.

Love your quilts. They are all looking just lovely. Be sure to show us the finished product!!

Love you,


I wish I could come to your house on a snowy day and have a girl's day to sew........ :o)


Your quilts are beautiful! You really had a productive storm day!!


What a wonderful day you all had together. A perfect snow day.

Sarah, I love your quilt. Don't be disheartened by how long it's been in progress. I have a quilt top waiting for me to hand quilt now for 2 years! And I know it will take that long at least to quilt it. I was waiting until I could buy a no-baste quilting frame but seeing you here makes me think I should just baste it and use a hoop like you.

Hannah, what I can see of your blocks look great. Looking forward to seeing your design come together.

Deb, good to see you working on this again and that you've got your next project planned. The rows look great and the snowmen look fun

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