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Tuesday, February 17, 2015



Those Chicken and Avocado Enchiladas sound right up my alley (except without too much heat). I absolutely love avocados/guacamole, and they are very good for you. I think I might have to try to make this. I love black beans too, so maybe I'll do both. I don't usually do big recipes, since it's just me, but like you said, yay for leftovers. I can't wait to see you all! I'm keeping a close eye on the weather forecast. Snow snow go away, DON'T come back another day! I don't think I can shovel another flake! I was actually shoveling my street today, because the plow doesn't come by as often as it should. It brought back memories of Teeter Hill.


oh, my! what a lovely menu! yum!


Sarah, Hannah, can I borrow each of you for a week?? haha


I like how you're always adventurous, trying out new recipes. These look tasty (even to my non-meat-eating eyes)


When I went to check your blog for a new entry moments ago, I thought, "I love the Girotti's blog!" And that is in spite of not winning "Holly Jolly Bingo" last Christmas...I'm certain that I was sabotaged, but I'll let bygones be bygones.😢

ANYWAY, I stay up w/your blog, and eat it w/a spoon...even the posts about quilting. 😉

I hope that you all are staying warm. It was a frigid 50 something in the Bay Area of NorCal yesterday, so we're trying to stay warm, too.

Tammy C

I am getting my appetite back.Your food looks so yummy.

Nancy W

Looks like a week of delicious meals! I love planning ahead, my husband even made me a menu calendar to help me!
- Nancy
On The Home Front


What great looking meals. I'm sure they tasted wonderful too!



What a great idea to take turns cooking! I mentioned that to my husband once, but he didn't go for it. ever. Just kidding, I love to cook, and I want to try the sausage corn chowder. It sounds wonderful.
Thanks for sharing the meals and photos. Love the flowers. :)
I see Cathy is still miffed. ;) *waves*

Heather Pickle

Everything looks really good and yummy! I will have to try some of the recipes.

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