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Friday, March 20, 2015



I love looking at quilts but couldn't sew one if my life depended on it. :) I'll enjoy looking at your beautiful quilt pictures in honor of Worldwide Quilting Day.
I'll also have a house full of company tomorrow night for our Psalm singing. Wish you were here to join us!



Oh Deb, your quilts are just beautiful. Congrats to Sarah on winning the quilting service. I wish I had a longarm machine, but I don't really have room for one.
Happy Worldwide Quilting Day!


NOT quilting...and, interestingly, I think the opposite of you...if you're quilting tomorrow, that would be a shame. Especially if you have the opportunity to go to a certain nearly eight-year-old grandson's baseball game, instead.

Enjoy your daytomorrow--despite spending it quilting. ;)


I WISH I could spend the day quilting. Unfortunately I have a ton of things going on right now. NEXT YEAR! :)

I love how your quilt turned out. Very fresh and crisp looking. :) Sarah's quilt is beautiful, too. Traditional hand quilting would be perfect for it.

Tammy C

No quilting here.

I like the Bee label for the quilt.A little over 25 years ago Chris was stung by over 20 bees when he disturbed a hive when getting ready for a cookout.Every so often we buy a bee item as a joke reminder of the dreadful day.

Enjoy your quilting day!


Thank you Deb! Yesterday (Saturday) I decided to work on a needle turn applique quilt I'm making for my husband and me. In all my years of quilting, I still have a store bought quilt on our bed. :0). I love all your quilts!


I have made the decision...if I ever want to win something I'm going to have you enter for me!! haha Your winning streak should be in the Guiness Book of World Records!


Deb!! The Puddle Jumping pattern and Boat House fabric...L.O.V.E.!!!!! I was eyeing that set earlier...couldn't justify purchasing it as I still have a few things going. ;) I can't wait to see yours done.


Oops, I missed that day. But I couldn't quilt anyway - my left arm was in time-out. Looks like you kept yourself busy though. Congrats on finishing the row-a-long top. And the snowman top. What's up next.
Sarah's quilt is lovely, congrats to her for winning the quilting services

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