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Thursday, July 02, 2015



My love and best wishes to you Deb for your birthday and the year ahead. And happy 4th to you all.


Happy birthday, Deb!


Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Deb. So glad to hear Granny is coming home. Lots of reasons to celebrate today!


Happy Birthday Deb, a beautiful photo of you both. Great news re your Mum. Thanks for letting us know progress Sarah. Happy 4th July to you all.

Happy days.

Brenda Nuland

Your mom gets younger looking each year!

Katelyn Wahlquist

Happy Birthday Mrs.Girotti!!!!

Nathaniel & Katelyn & Kathryn

Steve Gordon

Happy Birthday Deb. I trust you'll have a very happy birthday with many, many more blessed birthdays yet to come. I hope Granny is doing well and that you and all the family have a safe and happy Independence Day today. Be Blessed!!! -Steve


Sorry that I missed this. Happy belated b'day, with hopes for many more on time!

Praying for your mom.

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