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Wednesday, September 09, 2015



Hello Deb,

That is wonderful news, your family is growing. Congratulations to Sarah and Eric.

Happy days.


Congratulations! What wonderful news!


We're so excited at what the Lord has done in our two families. Looking forward to the big day!

Emma and Aaron

Congratulations Eric and Sarah!!!!!!!!! I love the picture of the ring with the roses behind it.We are very excited to have you as a sister-in-law,Sarah!!


Congratulations!! We are so excited for you all!


Oh Sarah how lovely, my warmest wishes to you and to Eric for a very happy future together.


Congratulations, Sarah! :) May God continue to bless you as together you yield to Him.


Congratulations to Sarah and Eric! Looks like a busy year ahead with two weddings coming up.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Congratulations to Sara, Eric, and the whole family.

Katelyn Wahlquist

Yay,yay,yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had been praying that the Lord would bless you with a husband Sarah. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!



Jodi Deputy



I am so happy for you and Eric! May God bless both of your families abundantly!


Rhonda from Western NY

Congratulations Sarah! Deb...I imagine along with much joy there is a little bit of melancholy thrown in the mix. God is pretty amazing putting such wonderful, godly people in your lives. I am so very happy for Sarah and Eric!


Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you!!!

Tammy C

How exciting.Congratulations to all.

Tammy C

Atlanta is NICE.Of course I am biased.

Deb Yuck

You already know how happy we are for you, but I'll just say it again...

Congratulations Eric and Sarah!! God is great!!

Love the Bunch!


Congratulations! How wonderful! I see several wedding quilts in your future!

Cathy Csider

Congrats to the happy couple! I'm afraid, though, that this presents a conundrum. If I was to attend the wedding, I would be obliged to respond @ the end of the ceremony...when the pastor asks if anyone knows of any reason the couple shouldn't be joined. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm happy for all of you guys, but that happiness is superceded by my sadness/concern about who will oversee the "Holly Jolly Bingo" game this Christmas! I kinda think that these kinds of things of utmost importance must be worked out before the wedding planning! Priorities, Sarah...

Once that happens, I'll be ecstatic for the whole fam.

Love to all of you.

Michelle W.

Such lovely news. Congratulations Sarah and Eric!


Precious! Just precious!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Sending lots of love and hugs your way Sarah, Tom and Deb!!!!

Sarah G

Thanks so much for your comments and well wishes, everybody! We all appreciate it! :)

Ehlinger Family

So excited - What a blessing!


Hi Deb! What a wonderful blessing from the Lord! Congratulations to you all! I think of you often and pray you all are doing julie

Cabhir Altels

Congratulations, Sarah! I am so happy for you and your fiance! I'm sure you will make a wonderful wife. I wish both of you years and years of happiness while serving the Lord together. This is such an exciting time! I hope you have the wedding of your dreams and a wonderful married life. Stay beautiful and happy! You deserve only the best and only happiness. Praying for you!


Congratulations, Sarah! Praise the Lord for His leadership, and I pray your marriage will be blessed!

To Deb, it's been an incredibly busy, hectic, stressful summer - so my blogging and reading have fallen behind. Just wanted to comment on this special post. I think of you often!


So happy for Sarah!! Congratulations and many many blessings!!


Yay! Congratulations, Sarah! May the Lord richly bless you both!


Congratulations!!!!!! I am sooooo happy for y'all!!!


Emily Hynes

Congratulations Sarah! I just saw this post. What joyful news! May the Lord bless you and Eric.

Emily Hynes

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