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Tuesday, September 22, 2015



Now that's a post and a half Deb! What fun to catch up with all your doings. Sarah's house looks lovely -- as does Sarah of course. It's good to see Granny enjoying everything, please tell her I sent my love to her and to all of you.

Tammy C

Nice pictures.Way too early for Christmas music.You are almost the stores with the Christmas creep.

Wow that is a nice house for Sarah's future.When is the wedding?

Way cool about the neighborhood ice cream social.As always nice to see pictures of Kim and Annie.

Rhonda in Western NY

We've had a lot of changes in 2015, but no weddings! What a blessing to start your marriage with a nice house. My "baby" girl got married in 2007 when she was 21. It was very difficult as they only had a 6 week engagement and got married on Dec. 15th. BUT, she only moved 2 blocks down the street in a small apt. I cried every time I walked past her fairly empty bedroom. Of course between the Christmas holiday and my Italian roots I was very melancholy. I finally gave it to the Lord after a few week and prayed he would take away that dark cloud following me...and He did!! Plus I have an awesome son-in-law! Is Sarah getting married in Atlanta? Before Jonathan?

PS....we start the Christmas music very early too!! Very nice, 70 and sunny her all week.


My mom just left a post I see, we must be having the same idea! :) I'm so happy for you all and for Sarah - what wonderful news. Sarah looks so happy. Wow, two upcoming weddings for your family! Everyone must be sooo busy making plans for the celebrations... Thanks for sharing all your pictures with us. I loved seeing the one with Sarah and her father hugging, how sweet! God bless!

Krista Ehlinger

Dear Deb,

It is very hard to have your little girl leave home...especially in the kitchen. Sigh. It looks like she is going to be so very, very happy. That is worth it all and you will have fun kitchen time on visits. I know you will look forward to those.

Praying for you and for all the fun preparations!!



Your energy constantly amazes me Deb. The wedding is going to be so beautiful but I know it will be hard for you to see your sweet baby girl leave home. Don't worry though as I told Eric he needs to bring her back home for lots and lots of visits. :)
Praying for both of them as they prepare for their big day and for Jonathan and Bethany too.


That was a great Daybook! You've been one busy lady. How special to have missionaries come to visit, I love missionaries! *Ü*
I'm just dealing with baby girl leaving the house and going to college so I can't with giving your girl away but I'll be back to learn what you learned when the time comes.
I love peeking into your life. Thanks!


My mom once told my husband, "You're everything we ever prayed for for our daughter...I just never thought to pray that you would live closer." I am so thankful we live in the days of phone calls and skype. We also have family that are Bible translators in Mexico. I often think of how things were in the "good old days" when missionaries often went years without seeing family and friends from "home". We are so thankful that we can have regular contact with our family so far away. :)


Wow! You have been sooooo busy! All good and exciting things going on with your family! It is nice to see pics of Granny and her visits with friends and family. I know that brings her great joy. :) Praying for both upcoming weddings and couples. And I have to say that you look great, Deb! You are an inspiration to me. Love and miss you!

Rhonda from Western NY

Your Hannah looks so much like Granny!

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