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Friday, October 16, 2015



Glad you had a fun day.It's funny how you posted about cast iron. Just a few hours ago, as I was stocking a cast iron pan, I thought to myself, wow-who needs a workout, just lift this pan a few times!
I love my vegetable steamer, I bought at that kitchen store.


What a fun day and love the picture. I know somebody else that will love that picture too. :) Hope your friends will come visit you in your new home sometime.


Oh, Sarah, fabric stores?! It's just cuz I'm jealous that I don't know how to sew!

Wanna know my favorite part of the pic of you women holding the super-sized items? Oh, you don't? Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway...I love the ring on your finger. What a wonderfully symbolic piece of jewelry. My wedding ring is an inexpensive band, but, I love what it represents...that the Lord has blessed me w/the best husband for whom anyone could ask! And, so, when I look down @ my hand and see my ring--even after decades of marriage--I think of my studly husband, and I get all atwitter. I'm smitten. And, I'm not kidding.

Brenda Nuland

I have to laugh at the size of that stock pot. That's the size my daughter needs for her big family! It looks like a wonderful day of fun.

Tammy C

Looks like you had a fun day. I would love the extra sized pot for when making chilli when going to church dinners.Chris loves cast iron so when he is home from camping I will show him that picture.

I have had Thai food.Glad you tried it.

It will be fun when you move to Georgia as a newlywed.It will be nothing like going to Iceland as a newlywed-no internet,cellphones and a big change of weather and time difference.

Georgia is a big state so where are you moving to here?Are you moving before your wedding?


I love going to the Shenandoah Heritage Market. That kitchen store is wonderful! One of my favorite parts is watching the fish swimming under the bridge before you go in. What a blessing to be able to spend time with friends!



Goodness gracious, your mom dropped by my blog and mentioned weddingS so I wanted to stop in and say big congratulations on your engagement, Sarah. I wish you all the best. How exciting for you. I can't believe you'll be in the DEEP SOUTH soon. I do hope you'll still blog now and then so we can keep up with your doings.
Have a great week!


It seems like ya'll had a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to meeting your friends at the wedding:)
The picture of the rocky seaside is so pretty and peaceful! You have good tastes.



Wow,what a lot of fun!! When you move to Georgia, we will have to have girls days too!

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