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Friday, October 02, 2015



The celery green will be stunning on Hannah!

Granny please know that you are in my thoughts.


A practice dress?! Seriously? Of course, I know zero about sewing, but what an undertaking. And, oh, my, look @ all those boxes. Does Eric realize that he'll have only a small drawer for his things?! ;) Anyway, praying for your mom, and we are continuing to pray for the whole fam for these busy, but oh, so happy times.


Eric has about as many boxes as Sarah. I think they may need to build an addition on to the house. :)
I've been watching the practice dress progress here too. The real sewing is finally underway, and I look forward to the finished projects.
Please give Granny a big hug for us and tell her many prayers are being sent up for her.


Wow, that is a lot of boxes!! Eric isn't done, but I'm sure his will be just as big:) It is sad watching them move out, but I'm so happy for them!!

Tammy C

The time will be here before everyone knows it.Must be a short engagement for Sarah's boxes to be already packed.Busy times for you.My niece and nephew were married in the same year.

Thanks for the update on Granny.We will be praying her this week.

Rhonda from Western NY

Is there a sofa under those boxes?!

We often have wished we made a practice garment first! Both my girls love to sew.

I will pray for Granny. My husband had his gall bladder out in 2011 and did not feel well after it was removed. I am familiar with all the tests your mom has endured. He did not have the ERCP, but it was next on the list. He finally felt better, but it took a long time. Hopefully the hospital is close to home and the weather will not be challenging.


I love the celery green! I agree it will look great on Hannah!


Where will Sarah be living? We are in Gwinnett.

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