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Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Dear Sarah it's lovely to see the preparations! Hannah I love the fabric of your dress.


Can't believe how fast the bid day is approaching. The time has just flown by.

Y'all have been working so hard. It's going to be such a beautiful wedding!


Ugh, that should read 'big day.' Never hit post before you reread your comment. :)

Tammy C

How exciting for all.You sure have been busy.

Last week I met a lady who made her daughter's wedding dress and cake.I was telling her about Sarah.Now I am cracking up because I said I wonder if Sarah will get a pass on the wedding cake.I guess not!!How cool to make your own cake.

We finally saw the Georgia sun yesterday for the first time in 11 days.

Nicole Maroon

Wow! You're so busy! Congrats to everyone!


Hello Deb,

Gosh you certainly are busy with the wedding preparations. So much cooking going on. I am expecting to see you guys make a cookbook soon.
Best wishes to everyone involved with the wedding.

Happy days.


Wow, what a wonderful time you all must be having with all the prep. It's gonna be a beautiful wedding and so filled with lovely homemade touches.
Thanks for sharing, I love looking into your life. (a little creepy, I know)


How fun to see all these wedding preparations. I hope Sarah is able to enjoy it all the way to the wedding. I know by the last week I was wishing we had just eloped. :P I agree, thanks for sharing! :)


Gene and I prayed moments ago for Sarah's big day tomorrow...that it would be a great time, that the Lord would be exalted, for their home as it's established for the glory of God, for Granny's strength and for Jonathan...and for patience, as it's just SO unfair that his wedding is AFTER Sarah's (note my tongue protruding from cheek!). However, I know the wait is difficult, but, Lord willing, his wedding will happen in the not-too-distant future.

Gene is standing here getting ready to leave for work and asked me what I've been writing. I told him that I somehow missed your new post on Tuesday, and explained that the post is about all the wedding plans. We started reminiscing about all of the things that we did for our kids' weddings (so far, six), and how it looks very similar to the pix that you've posted.

Anyway, I'm loving all the wedding plans updates, and love the pix of the new house getting set up and organized. Try as I might, I didn't see the waffle iron and hand mixer in the pic of the kitchen...just where are they?! :)

May God superintendent your time tomorrow for His glory alone, and may you have the time of your lives! Can't wait for the wedding pix...keep 'em coming.


I enjoyed hearing about your activities. It sounds like you all have been very busy!

Deborah Yuck

Well, it's certainly been a while since I checked your blog! Had no idea all these great photos were up.

Busy bees, and now the wedding has come and gone, the happy couple is on their honeymoon. Loved catching a glimpse into the preparations!


Busy, busy, busy. Thank you for sharing your busy days with us. We had been praying for you...had no idea you were doing so much yourselves, but what fun!!

You all did a beautiful job and we rejoice with you. Really am looking forward to seeing those lovely kitchen cabinets :)

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