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Thursday, November 19, 2015



What an elegant and gracious wedding! Dear Sarah and Hannah, their Mom and Granny all look so beautiful -- and the men scrub up pretty well too. :)

I love the lace in Victoria's top, and aren't Eric's sisters a picture in that lovely shade of green.

Looking forward to more pictures, thanks for such a lovely share Deb.


Wonderful! What a nice touch the verses @ the end of the pews were.

I can't wait to see the rest of the pix.


I have been checking the blog every day! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Sarah was beautiful in your wedding sweet! So thankful Micah was able to fly out to celebrate this special day with his family. Looking forward to your next post already! Love you all! ❤️


Oh Deb, I'm so happy for Sarah and Eric, but I'm feeling your pain, too. It's been 11 yrs. since our youngest married, and I still have a pang now and then, but it will get much, much better in a few months. Nowadays, it's just a fun trip to visit and have them come home, too. I'll be praying for all. :)
Love that Sarah wore your dress, and her hair was really beautiful. Hannah's dress is lovely, she sews beautifully. And I'm so glad Granny and Micah were able to attend.
Have a great weekend!

Brenda Nuland

That was lovely!

Tammy C

Thanks for sharing the pictures.Nice to see a family photo with Micah.

Gorgeous dresses.How exciting that Sarah was able to use your dress.

Yummy looking cakes.

Again Congratulations to all.


Great photos. I'm mailing out a stack to you this morning. It was a beautiful wedding. You all worked so hard to make it such a special, special day.


Simple Loveliness!! Thank you so much for sharing. So glad your whole family could come!! Katelyn used the same stand for her cake!! Beautiful.

Katelyn Wahlquist

Beautiful!!! We sure enjoyed watching the live stream! Thank you so much for setting it up.

Rhonda in WNY

Hi Deb! I have the same shirt as you...Liz Claiborn from JCPEnney..
I wore mine with a black skirt to an Amish wedding supper, back in mid-October. Hey...great minds think alike! By-the-way...we live among the Amish . Twenty families moved here in my country neighborhood 5 years ahead from primarily Southern Michigan.

I do remember missing my daughter in the little things. She was very extroverted (in comparison to Danielle who is my resident introvert). Denise was always running through the house singing and just being silly. So it was definitely quieter:) And like you said...the trade off is a wonderful son-in-law. Can't imagine my life with mine. (hugs)

Thanks for sharing the pics. Just beautiful.


I've been looking forward to seeing some pictures. :) Everything looks lovely and all the special touches you made together will be a beautiful memory. It is hard when your children move away but it is a great blessing knowing they are where the Lord has placed them. Blessings.

Cootie Bug Connie

Oh what a lovely and inspirational wedding. The photos are just wonderful. I am so happy for Sarah! Congratulations to her and to Eric and your entire family.


The Lord was in every detail...the flowers, the scripture on the pews, the vows and words that were spoken by everyone, the food, the singing, the songs, the tables so beautifully decorated, the cake, the families, Micah being there, Granny being physically able to come, the fudge gift packs, the friends, the church, the beautiful day, the departure with the leaves, the drive off in the car....and right up on a hill above where their car pulled off, there was the prettiest farm house with a quarter of the moon shining above it that made the ending of the festivities a perfect day!!! We enjoyed every minute and were honored to be a part of a lovely wedding day for Sarah and Eric! To God be the glory, great things He hath done!!


Hello Deb and family,

Such lovely photo's of the family. I loved the theme's that were chosen, I had mint green for my bridesmaids dress as well. Best wishes to the newlyweds.

Happy days.

Barbara Cline

Thanks for the sneak peak inside of Eric and Sarah's wedding day. I know you will miss your girl. Rejoicing with you and your family.


I feel sad even though I have Eric and Sarah here with me. I can only imagine how hard it must be for you:( Thank you for showing us pictures.


Deb!!!! It has been way too long since I have come for a "visit"! Congratulations on Sarah and Eric getting married!! I'm so very happy for you all!

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