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Thursday, December 17, 2015


Eliza LeBlanc


Kelsey and Matthew Dickerson



Phew! That was close...I only needed like ten more words...and about ten more days.

At least I won't have to remember to check the words @ 5 AM CA time.

BUT, if memory serves, I thought that the game went longer the last couple of years before anyone won.

Congrats to the winners! It's been fun.

Thanks, Sarah, and the Girotti fam for another fun year.


Thank you for another fun round of HJB, Sarah, and congrats to the winners. :)

Oh my droolin' tastebuds, those cookies look delicious! I'd never heard of them until today, but I've already found a recipe that I'm going to try. Thanks for sharing. Love your measuring cup set and the blue shaker, too. I have a set of lg. blue salt and pepper shakers that I keep near the stove for season while I'm cooking.

Wishing you and all your family a wonderful and joyous Christmas season!


Congrats to the winners!! What fun keeping up the tradition! Thanks, Sarah!


Congratulations to the winners!!! It was another fun year...oh the suspense! :)

Love the quilt on your bed Sarah, was that one of the block-of-the-months you and your mom did with Patch Work Plus?

Looks like you guys are enjoying the holidays. Have a very Merry Christmas as you celebrate our Lord's birth. Hugs to you!


Congratulations to the winners. Are any of those presents on that bed for me??:) Haven't wrapped a thing yet but almost all the shopping is done. Plan to do a little more to finish tomorrow.
Those cookies look great!

Kelsey and Matthew Dickerson

Thanks Sarah and Girotti family! It was super fun playing again this year!


Mmm the cookies look good! I've thought about making a biscotti with those flavors, semi sweet chocolate & orange... Saw a recipe years ago. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm almost finished shopping, except for my dad. I will probably try to shop early next week, hopefully the stores won't be too crowded! Hope you all have a merry Christmas 🎄

Jonathan Girotti

Hey Sar, is one of those gifts mine?? :-)

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