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  • John 14:3
    "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am there you may be also."

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Friday, December 11, 2015



A whopping one word today...thanks Sarah (sarcasm alert). Tears. And, of course, "snow" would be one of the words.

As to your post about remembering why we celebrate Christmas, yesterday, I mentioned (on my FB timeline) how, though, I've been a believer for many decades, I still struggle w/doubt and fear @ times about the veracity of my faith. And...if I'm on the right path. Though I know that Jesus is the way to God, my flesh will sometimes grapple those issues. My husband, OTOH, who came to faith @ 19, doesn't ever doubt that we are eternally secure in Christ.

Ah, but, then, Christmas rolls around. And, I see unbelieving people stop and attend a Christmas play or party, or sing Christmas carols about Jesus, and their hearts are more generous @ this time of year. There is almost a holy hush that envelops the world as Christmas is here. I STILL hear rings of, "Merry Christmas!"--even in this culture--from people who show no sign of loving Jesus the rest of the year. I watch as people who don't darken the door of a church throughout the year, attend a Christmas and/or Easter service. I read about the "Christmas Truce (from a book, Silent Night: The Story of the World War I Christmas Truce)" in which the soldiers (from all sides) agree to stop fighting for Christmas (they resume afterward), and sing,"Silent Night," and read Psalm 23 together as they bury the war-dead.

Suddenly, it hits me (as it does every year)...this time of year resonates w/people because Jesus DID come in human form, eventually dying for those who believe in His name. Something DID take place over 2000 years ago...and it reverberates w/people because it is all true...a Savior came, and died on my behalf.

And, that is why Christmas helps to strengthen and cement my shaky faith...and quell my quavering heart when it cries out, and wonders if I'm on the right path.

Glad Tidings, indeed!


So, did we break last years record for participators??
Thanks for keeping up the tradition!


Sarah, I too have noticed some folks have more faith than others, but I'm sure we all have what we need to run the race. :)

It's a one-word day here in Tennessee. I just don't understand why I'm not getting more words checked off my list. I'm thinkin' I may have to make a plate of fudge just to get through the evening. O.O *drools* ;)

Have a great evening, Sarah,
Bewildered in Tenn.

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