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Saturday, December 12, 2015



I can't take it!!! Again, not one word today. So, I QUIT!!!!

OK, c ya here bright and early* on Monday morning. 😉

*CA time


Wow, Sarah, those are great prizes! And I'm thinking they will kick the competition up a notch or two so I'll stop letting Cathy substitute her words for the ones you post. Sorry about that Cathy, I'm sure you understand. I did a little better with the words today... maybe I'll just eat half a plate of turtles this time. ;)


SARAH!!! NO WORDS today!! :) I agree with Toni, the prizes are very generous! Looking forward to Monday...and LOTS more words on my list being scratched off!! :)
Have a great weekend!!!
Will you be attending any cantatas or "Lessons In Carols"? Our church is going Christmas caroling instead of the evening service.

Eliza L.

Wow, I hope I win ;) Those are great prizes, Sarah! I got four words today...that makes fourteen total. Yippee!


That yellow stuff you see all over my face...yep, it's egg. I did get some words today. Hoozah! Hey, it was 5 AM in CA, and I was doing it from memory...which, apparently, isn't very good these day. here.


Ha ha, Cathy, I'm in the same boat. On days when we have to get up that early I don't trust myself to say anything before I've had two cups of coffee and read my Bible. It's just not a safe zone for me. Btw, I had to alphabetize me words so I could find them easier. I just love this growing older thing. *rolls eyes*


YAY! One WHOLE word today!:O Great choice in prizes, Sarah! Can't wait for Monday!! Want me to start picking the daily words??


I have an alphabetized list, too, Toni. And, I don't drink devos are done @ different times of the day...and I get up early every day...and I scoffed inwardly @ "egg nog" being one of today's words...until I realized that it's one of my words! Phew!

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