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Monday, March 14, 2016



Congratulations to you both! How exciting for the families, too! We just had a grandson born on my birthday last month. 💙 That's why I voted boy! 😊 Looking forward to hearing about your ultrasound results!


Hi Honey,
This is yo momma, and I'm voting a sweet girlie to help you in the kitchen. :) But, of course, it doesn't matter and I'll be absolutely thrilled with whichever it turns out.


Dad is, of course, voting for a grandson. :) I vote for a girl, but we'll both be glad for whatever the Lord sends. Can't wait to meet our sweet little grandchild in person.

Aunt Rhonda

Congratulations, Sarah! You look like happy parents already. I was voting on the basis of looking at you, rather than any personal preference. You just look like you've got a little girl! And Eric looks like a doting daddy of a girl, too. :)

Alisha Bonnell

Oh this is sooo exciting!!!!!! Congratulations :) So happy for you both ;)


Congratulations!!!! I kinda just closed my eyes and voted...LOL either would be wonderful, first born girls are the best at being your right hand "man" :) But....boys are great too!!! Praying for you all as you look forward to holding your little bundle of pink OR blue!

Tammy C

Congratulations.A honeymoon baby!

I voted on a girl since your mom needs a granddaughter.

Enjoy your pregnancy in the HOT Georgia summer.I did it in Florida and Alabama.


Dear Sarah, You know I'm voting for a girl just like you. I can't wait to see you...counting the days. Love, Granny


It's definitely a boy! (Of course, a girl would be just as nice, too!)I think this game is even more fun than Holly Jolly Bingo:)


Wooot! Big congratulations, Sarah! Babies are such a hoot, and isn't it cool how they turn into considerate, helpful adults with a just a bit of care and attention. I voted for a boy, but I think it's a girl so I'm right either way, I suppose. ;)

Barbara J.

Hi, Sarah. I voted for a boy just because the H's seem to have boys first. But maybe you could break the pattern. Whichever one it is, we are so excited for you. We also like the idea of being great-grandparents :).

Nancy Wolff

Congratulations to you both! Such exciting time!

Susannah King

Congratulations to you both! and may our wonderful father in haven bless you and this coming baby with health and safety, and give Eric a clear head when the baby comes ;)
Lots Of Love,
Susannah King
P.S. I voted girl, because almost everyone i know had a girl as their first baby, and they are nice to have to care for the younger children :D

Becka Loach

Congratulations Sarah and Eric! I guess girl but I know you will be thrilled with either.

Sharon baksa

Hi Sarah!!! Congratulations, such exciting news! I'm thinking girl!!! I will keep you and the baby in my prayers, for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.



Sarah and Eric what lovely news to make Tuesday morning special! Congrats to you both.

Tom G

I vote Cruz!!! Oh... wait a minute... sorry, wrong primary :)
Well, let's see, I've never elected a baby before... I think on preference I will be very glad for either a boy or a girl (or both), whichever the Lord gives is a dear blessing! Regarding what I think it probably WILL be? Without any of my usual engineer-ish reasoning I will take a wild stab at... a boy?
Praise the Lord, and bless you both!
Much Love,
Dad G


Congratulations, Eric and Sarah! So happy for you! Well, I took Statistics last year, so naturally I decided to run some numbers on this one. Aaaand...if we were to hold all other variables equal (which is clearly impossible and unrealistic in this case, but for the sake of the argument we'll do it), we could calculate your chances of a boy vs. a girl solely based on the numbers of boys and girls among your siblings. In other words if you guys follow the statistical pattern set by your parents, we should be able to figure this out. So according to my calculations your little sweetie is 44.44% likely to be a girl and 55.55% likely to be a boy. Which is why I voted "boy." Please note though that the margin of error here is gigantic and of course it's possible that past events will have no correlation at all to future ones. So really my guess is no better than anyone else's. :)

Brenda Nuland

Yeah! Our son and his wife are due with their first in mid-July. They just had a gender announcement party a couple weeks ago. The cake was PINK! I am so happy for you (and your mom!).


Until you announce the prizes, I won't weigh in, except to say that, unlike your dad, I won't be voting for Cruz...I'll probably write in my husband's name, since I don't like any of them...and in CA, my vote doesn't matter a whole lot.

As to the gender, I'll let you know as soon as I know the prizes...maybe some of your fudge or an Amazon gift card would be nice. We are talking Baby Bingo, right? 🙄

Oh, OK, I'll give it a whirl...a boy.


I see the Tamster has been busy.


Congratulations on a win-win either way! But I voted boy because our last kiddo is a BOY and coming home at age 7 from China in three weeks. So I'm cheering for both of us to add boys in 2016. But I will have three of each then so I'm fully aware that girls are also wonderful. I hope your pregnancy is full of good health for you both!


Hello Sarah,

Congratulations, I voted pink only because you have a pink shirt on. Boy or Girl it is wonderful news. Good luck at your ultrasound.
A friend of mine was expecting a grandchild a few years back, they didn't want to know but the rest of the family did. The ultra sound predicted a girl but it was a boy. There other little child had a awful time for a while as he was told for months it was his little sister.

Happy days.


Jodi Deputy

To you and Eric
and all the terrific grandparents!
Wonderful news for such a sweet family.

May blessings abound,


I just put in Alex's vote for him, (in case you were wondering why two votes came from the same email address!), and he says it's a girl. Poor boy, I hate to see him guess wrong like that...

Jonathan Girotti

I voted boy because, well, boys are just better!!



Here is the third vote from the same email address:)It is a boy !!! But a girl would be nice, too.


Next question...who's making the baby quilt? ;)

The Mediocre Man



This is Alex - the "poor boy" who voted girl. I have to explain my reasoning: before voting, I had heard so many people say that they were "so sure" it was going to be a boy. Well, I knew that people have a way of being very confident about predictions that later turn out wrong. But then after voting I noticed that the majority had actually voted for a girl - which means I should probably revise my vote. Hopefully not too many other people decide to revise their vote, because then I would have to change mine again. And, of course, afterwards, I would hope that not too many people would change ... ok, I'll stop.

Brenda Perdue

I voted for a little baby girl. They are so sweet and precious. I have six grand girls and two grand boys.They are all so sweet.but the most precious is my great granddaughter. My love for her is (can not even explain it). She has my heart and soul. She was a year old on Feb. 11 and my birthday is Feb.14th. Anyway I love all of them.

Carolyn Shortt

I am so happy for the little "girl"...maybe, that the Lord is going to bless you and Eric with!!! I voted girl for Deb! She is going to be so sweet and pretty! Congratulations to both of you and grandparents!

Kelsey Dickerson

Congrats Sarah and Eric and both sets of family as well! Exciting times! So happy for you all!!!

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