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Thursday, December 08, 2016



I happen to love ornaments, so if every branch is covered, all the better. Last Friday we bought our tree, but it sat for three days until we got a chance to decorate it (with most of our kids gone now, it takes us longer to get around to it). I hung the lights on Monday, and then my husband and son decorated it. However, we still had a boxful of ornaments, so I hung more over the last couple of days. It is like a trip down Memory Lane when you hang ornaments. There are so many that our kids made (when they were young), some of which, though made from paper, have been saved. We, too, have the icicles as reflected in your picture today. My husband loves them, so I made sure to include them on the tree. He was happily surprised to see them upon his arrival home from work on Tuesday.


For our first Christmas when we were married (1980) a good friend crocheted us one of our first ornaments. It was a small white square with Tom at the top and Deb underneath stitched on it. It always goes at the top of the tree just below our angel topper. It wouldn't be Christmas without the Tom/Deb ornament.

And the angel topper is the 2nd item on our tree that has been there for years and years. My good friend Chris made it one year, and the angel is still hanging in there, although this year her hair/halo had to have some major gluing action. But she's atop the tree and looking amazing for her age! ha!

Thanks for all your posts, honey! I'm enjoying reading every morning!


Oh, forgot to add that 80 is stitched in red on the back so we'll always remember our 1st year.


As you know, we have been collecting ornaments for many years and from all over. We have bought several on trips. Our gold pine cone ornament goes all the way back to our first year of marriage and is one of my favorites. It always gets hung near the top center of the tree.
Your tree looks nice very nice this year - even if it isn't a real pine. :)



I like your 'icicle' ornaments! That is the only kind of icicles we have here, too. I enjoy Christmas Ornaments. My husband and I were married in December of 1980. We have always had a 'real' Christmas tree, and one of the first ornaments he got for me was the Hallmark glass ball ornament that has 1980 on it. I, also, have collected ornaments for my children to take with them when they leave our home. We have enough ornaments to fully decorate 3 trees. (smiling)

Barbara J.

Hi, Sarah, our tree tells a history also. We have a couple of ornaments that must be over 100 years old and then some from the World War II era. We've added to them each year and now often have more than our tree will hold. Each of the children have received one silver ornament of their choice.

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