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Saturday, April 01, 2017


Tammy C

Congratulations Tom on your retirement.When Deb told me about your retirement I was hoping to see pictures.Also you and your job have been the talk about being at one company all week and actually off and on for years.

Enjoy your retirement.


Congratulations again to Tom on his retirement. Sarah showed us some pictures this evening from his parties. Sounds like they gave him a big send off.
I know what you mean about gardening season about to occupy lots of time. As soon as the plumbers get done tearing up our yard to lay new sewer lines, I'm out there with my shovel, flowers and mulch!
BTW- The family April Fool's prankster was at it again this year. She got her hubby good. :)


What a milestone your husband has reached, congrats to him and you, too, Deb. And how exciting to launch a woodworking business. Granny looks fabulous.
Have a great Lord's Day!


I practically grew up at Longwood -- it was always a few hours from wherever I lived! However, we went last year and they had torn up the main feature gardens/fountains to replace the old worn out infrastructure. There was no warning on the website and they charged the full amount anyway. It was scheduled to the completed by this summer -- but you know how construction schedules go. I'd call ahead before you go because it's the showpiece of the gardens. Definitely do the fountain show at night! They do lighted fountains and fireworks on the 4th of July and it's amazing, but horribly crowded. My favorite area is around the gazebo, a picture of which is my masthead -- even gorgeous in the winter. Enjoy your visit!


Congrats on your retirement, Tom! I know everyone is so happy to have you home every day! Enjoy!

Carolyn Shortt

Congratulations to Tom!!! I hope he enjoys every moment of his new phase of life! Make beautiful wood!
Mrs. Solomon looks so beautiful! I am so happy she is doing so well! PTL!

Kinda interested in the Lexington Tour in May. Have you all been before? Sounds wonderful!

Glad you are enjoyed the barn quilt class. I have seen them as traveling and always think they are so pretty!
Hannah looks as pretty and sweet as always.
Hope Jonathan is doing well.
Still loving your blog. Don't quit! (-:


Yay for retirement!!!!!! Congratulations Mr Tom!!!!!!



Congratulations to Tom on his retirement!! How exciting!

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