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    "Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat their fruit."

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Friday, July 14, 2017



Your garden looks wonderful! I'm glad you are getting so much produce from it and are enjoying those delicious-looking dishes.
We have been enjoying some excess produce from Eric and Sarah's garden. :) Made a zucchini pasta dish the other night that was a favorite.
Your berries look so juicy! All your hard work has paid off.

Susannah Joy

WoW! You have a good looking and producing garden!
What is the name of those last orange and black speckled flowers? :D
My Mother makes a really yummy fried okra that is made with butter and corn meal, truly delightful!

Carolyn Shortt

Hannah, I so love your garden!!! Please post more pictures as the summer progresses.

We, too, have a big garden this year and have really enjoyed all the delicious veggies the Lord has blessed us with. The rain this year has been a blessing and has made everything grow, grow, grow!!! Just today, we canned tomatoes. Previous days, we canned string beans, froze corn and made blackberry jelly. I still have lots of blackberries to do something with, even if I freeze them. We have had cukes running out of our ears! I haven't made pickles, as I have them from previous years. I have given them to friends, they have made pickles, and given me some jars of pickles!

I love watching the fruit and vegetables grow and LOVE picking the tomatoes!

Please keep posting. I love to see the fruits of your labor.



Hannah ~ I always love your gardening posts! Thank you for taking the time to document and share.


Mrs. H,
Thanks! I heard about some of the yummy things Sarah has been making lately. Their garden seems to be producing quite well. Your zucchini pasta sounds very tasty. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your comment and compliments! The flowers you asked about are tiger lilies. So many of the perennials we have were shared with us by friends when we first moved in 15 years ago, and they’ve really spread and done well. Aren’t the orange and black flowers striking? Oh, the fried okra sounds good, I’ll have to try it with butter next.

Mrs. Shortt,
So neat to hear about your abundant garden variety and what all you've been making with it. I will try to be more regular in my posting. :)

I'm glad you've enjoyed the posts! Thanks for reading and letting me know.

Carolyn Shortt

Again, Hannah, thank you for posting your beautiful pictures from your bountiful garden!!! I love seeing the pictures! You are a hard worker to do all this!
God has so bountiful blessed everyone this year with an abundance of rain and the gardens and flowers are saying, "Yummy"! It is now we are getting a "soaking rain" as my Mama use to say!
Keep posting and I'll keep enjoying!
Tell Deb and Tom to enjoy the little ones on their visit. Praise the Lord the baby is doing so well and has come so far. To God be the glory!
Tell Tom, his next to do list would be to build him a workshop to build his beautiful cabinets in.
Tell Mrs. Solomon I would love to take a class from her, "The Master Basket Maker"!
Tell Jonathan, I loved his quote from Matthew Henry. I just love all ya'll! (-:

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