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Saturday, May 25, 2019


Sarah H

It was so good to have you here, even though it had to be cut short! 💗

Chris Odorisio

Great post! The idea of putting down all that cardboard in your beds is new to me, but sounds like a great idea. I have been very busy pulling weeds this year...hummm maybe I'll do this before next years mulching. :)
Glad you all were able to see a sunrise at the beach, personally it is one of my favorite places to watch the sunrise and Yes! it rises quickly!! Its a great place to get a beautiful time-lapse bunch of photos.
As always I enjoy seeing all the photos of the family, those little boys are adorable and growing fast.


All the gardening and sprucing up looks great! I hadn't considered using cardboard in my beds! I need to get the old plastic barrier out of my flower bed. We're having a heat wave here, so I guess I will save that for another time. ;)

Your beach vacation sounds great! So sad for your sister that she couldn't join you! Hopefully she can get to the beach another time! Last fall we went to Edisto Beach and it was amazing! We spent five hours on the beach and had it mostly to ourselves.


So sorry Bet couldn't make the trip. Sitting on the beach, and reading, while listening to the waves, is a great way to relax and recharge. I am definitely a beach person!
Hopefully the nice weather we're having will continue so I can do more yard clean-up, too.
Neat idea with the cardboard to keep down the weeds.

Kim C

Having a retired husband definitely suits you! I’m sure it’s satisfying to have your garden wish list materialize. Granny looked like she really enjoyed all the adventures. It looks like you all were blessed with lots of happy memories.

Barbara J.

So glad to hear from you again and I seem to have missed the post before this one. I had lots to catch up. Loved the pictures as always but I think my favorite one was of Hannah and the boys.

It is too hot to go outdoors here today. It was 103 on our deck the last time I looked. Hopefully it will be cooler this evening. Have a safe and happy holiday.



Tammy C

Vacation sounds like it was fun.Sorry to hear about Bet being sick.

Now l guess you can work more on your quilts.


Wow, great post! I loved the cardboard idea... Nutella and ghiradelli.. lol! Very cute : ) very sorry Bet missed the beach : ( hopefully another time! We vacation in the country .. Lancaster Pa area, but an empty beach without the crowds looks quite inviting!


Hope Bet can make the next trip and get a chance to read on the beach. We enjoyed seeing you all but were sad your trip had to end early.
Have a wonderful growing season in your beautiful gardens.


Hi Deb!
I loved seeing all the photos and how fun to see that Sarah has another son! Big congrats to her.

We like deserted beaches also and evidently we get out beach wear from the same store you do. :) I haven't worn slacks or a bathing suit since the 70s.

I had to chuckle when I read you'd not posted in awhile. I disappeared for a whole year. LOL
Have a great weekend!

Carol Blair

Vacations and visits, the beach and a book.
A gorgeous sunrise; thanks for letting us take a look.

But the viruses – oh no! Trust that all are now well.
Holding on to good memories, and maybe a seashell.

The garden awaits! We look forward to see
The fruits of your labors – God’s blessing abundantly.

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