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    "So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

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Sunday, June 16, 2019



Such a beautiful post! I love the orange lilies by the mailbox!!

I hope you feel better very soon and sent up a prayer for your grandson's surgery that it's successful and he comes through it well.


Sorry to hear you are under the weather Deb. Hope you are feeling a 100 percent soon. Tom's pizza looks amazing. I'm sure he enjoyed it.
Praying for our little grandson that he will come through that surgery with flying colors and be better than ever. He was here this afternoon and so much fun watching him and his little brothers enjoy playing and visiting with everyone. They sure are so precious!
Those flowers are beautiful. Another great growing season at your house.


I enjoyed catching up through your post. I, too, am working on a quilt! It's been a difficult year and I'm enjoying time off from homeschooling to enjoy some quilting. :) I will certainly be praying for Andrew this week. I hope you will let us know how it goes for him. If you don't mind I'd love it if you'd let granny know how much I enjoyed reading your post about her life. It was such a blessing to me. :)

Tajuana Rhodes

I really enjoyed reading your daybook. Those cupcakes sound like something my hubby would eat every day if he could :) Love the quilt designs!

I pray the doctors be fully alert and that their hands are guided by the Father so your grandson's surgery is a success.

Chris Odorisio

Deb I really enjoy these posts. Getting a glimpse into your day is almost like being there, the photos ad narrative are always very conversational, love it! I'm sorry you were not feeling well yesterday, hopefully you are better today! The flowers are just gorgeous and what a lovely sight for Granny to see when she is there.... And that sweet little fawn, that is country livin' for sure. :)
Your quilts are fabulous and I am so glad you are keeping the one that J gave you the fabric for! My flag quilt will be "home" before we celebrate July 4th...YAY!!!
The old tea kettle is such a cute idea, now I will have my eye out for one. :)
We will be praying for Andrew. Such a trooper!!
I am off to the post office and do a few errands...great visiting with you, even if it was virtually. :) Hugs dear friend!

Tammy C

Hope you are feeling better. Looks like Tom had a nice Father's Day.Nice pictures of the flowers and quilts.

How exciting about Hannah's soap in the Monticello gift shop and catalog.

Will be praying for Andrew.

Tracey Cass

Thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoyed reading your post. The fawn is so beautiful! I love your quilts, you did a great job! I am growing some herbs this year, too. I was just thinking that I'd like to learn how to dry them.

Jean Sheard

Deb, Enjoyed getting caught up with you and the family. Looks like you all are enjoying some fun along with all of the work painting, etc. Your quilt looks wonderful. We all enjoyed a great Father's Day - Kendra and Jamin were here. So thankful for Godly Fathers.
We will be praying for Andrew's surgery - that the Dr.'s will have wisdom and skill throughout the procedure, and that Andrew will come through better than ever.


Hi Deb!

My word, those pizzas, they look delicious!
How nice that Monticello sends Hannah rose petals for her soap. I love that historic site and hope to tour it again someday.

Your quilts are stunning, I love them both. I have one started that is languishing...

I'll be praying for Andrew's recovery since I didn't know about the surgery beforehand. I had no idea you'd posted this. I may have to have to fire Feedly if they don't do a better job.

Have a great weekend!


Hi Deb,

I just spent a wonderful hour catching up with your family. Three grandsons!! I enjoyed seeing all your trips, quilts, and family times. Hopefully I can keep up with your blog.

Sorry you weren't feeling well. I'm sure by now you are up and about.

Many blessings to you and your family,
(And hello to Victoria! I smiled when I saw her name.)


Hey, Kathie. Glad to see you are visiting Deb's blog. I've missed your comments. Hope you and your family are well.


I lost both your addresses (Deb and Victoria) a year ago when my inbox crashed. If you still have my email address, please write so I can reply. I'm not sure how else to email you both. I miss you!


Hi Deb. I know this is an old post but I didn't see a newer one. Wanted to drop in and wish you a Happy Birthday. I remembered your comment on my blog last month. My Birthday is tomorrow. Enjoy celebrating the rest of the week :)


7/10/2019 Just now catching up on your posts. Hope you are doing well and moving forward. I saw the beautiful scripture calendar verse post and of course wanted one. Which specific calendar does Hannah own? Thanks. Pattie


Pattie, To answer your question on Hannah’s calendar…’s a perpetual calendar and she’s used it since 1997 when she got it when she was 13 years old! It’s by calligrapher Timothy Botts (beautiful writing!). Here’s the link she found for it:
She says she can’t find it still in print online for sale except ebay offerings. Hope that helps.

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