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Wednesday, October 09, 2019



What fun. I am a new reader of your blog and so enjoy it! All your wares were so beautiful. Do you sell your soaps online?


So cool! I wish I could have attended to see all your treasures in person. I hope you sold a lot!


Your booth looked amazing. I’m glad the weather was nice and that you all had a full day at the festival. Granny looks great and I’m sure she enjoyed all the visitors to her stall. Thanks for the nice glimpse into the Shenandoah autumn!

Tammy C

Wow looks like it was a fun day.Hopefully everyone sold lots of items.Almost can smell the pumkin.

This past weekend Paws4PeaceUSA was a vendor at a 5K race that was a fundraiser for a pet rescue.We sold 3 bracelets and hopefully got a couple people wanting dog training.


What a great day! Your booth looks so very nice. Glad Granny got a chance to join in on all the fun too!

Chris O'Dorisio

Hannah, I loved your commentary on the Dayton Days show! I told your mom "what a fun bunch of outings you all have!" Your booth set up looks great, how neat that this year you added your dad's amazing craftsmanship to the family businesses :) I hope he gets orders from those who saw him a the show! Loved seeing pictures of Granny interacting with the folks,she is so cute! I am reminded too that its time for my annual soap order, I'll be in touch! :) Thanks for sharing, as always Mountain Musings is a great read! <3 :)

Sherrin Drew

It was so lovely to drop by and read about your latest adventures. Thank you for sharing. How was business on the day?

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