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Wednesday, July 06, 2022



It was so special to get to be there!! Happy day after the day after the day after the day after your birthday. ❤

Aunt Bet

Loved being with everyone! You definitely know how to celebrate a birthday!! ♥️♥️♥️

Tammy C

Glad you had a great birthday. Looks like everyone had lots of fun with nice outdoor weather.


Happy Birthday! What a lovely celebration with your beautiful family!


Happy birthday! It looks like you had a great weekend to celebrate!


Awww, what a nice and memorable birthday for you! I agree with you about those grandchildren being some of the best around!! :)


What a wonderful 70th Birthday!! Being with family is the best and especially out of towners! you are the youngest looking 70 year old I have ever seen! Blessings to you and yours and thank you for sharing this!

Barbara J

Happy Birthday, Deb! You are a very young looking 70 year old. What a wonderful celebration with all the grandchildren there. Some of them have grown so much since last summer. You'll have so many pictures to look at and enjoy in weeks to come.


Happy Birthday, Deb! Thank you for sharing the highlights of your birthday weekend. The pictures are priceless! Congratulations! :)


I love seeing the joy on your face in the photos where you are surrounded by your family. Pure bliss. Happy Birthday, Deb.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEB!! What a wonderful day and way to celebrate with all of your sweet family! Looks like the Lord is already blessing your 70th year with so much goodness. We are so very excited for your family.

Love you,

Krista Ehlinger


Happy Birthday! Such joy in these pictures!! Your family is just so beautiful, you are indeed blessed! I really enjoyed this post : )



Woohoo! Congratulations! It looks like a wonderfully special celebration. I know I'm late but I hope the year ahead is filled with joy, peace, and good health. At church we often sing, "We wish you joy and peace through all the year. And as your days increase may heaven appear. Long may your life abound with peace in Jesus found. Showing to those around love, hope, and cheer." God bless you, friend. :)


I am so glad you had a wonderful time celebrating your special day
with your special family. Looks like everyone had a good time celebrating with you. So glad you had all 4 children and almost all the grandkids. I hope you have a wonderful year celebrating 70 years of life. Praise the Lord.


“Celebration! “ Is your middle name🥳🧨🥰. Loved reading this post and seeing all the kids together! You know in ALL these years I don’t think I have ever tasted the mounds birthday cake! I’m gona have to get your recipe!!! 😋

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