> Plymouth 2009

Family at Jenney Grist Mill
Jenney Grist Mill, Plymouth, MA
Jenney Grist Mill water wheel
Leo Martin, our tour guide at Jenney Grist Mill
Fish Ladder at Jenney Grist Mill
Tour inside Jenney Grist Mill
Talking about Pilgrim life at Jenney Grist Mill
The gears under the floor at Jenney Grist Mill
Planning our route
Town Square:  the First Parish Church and the Church of the Pilgrimage
1749 Courthouse Museum in the Town Square
Inside the Courthouse museum talking with the friendly curator
Burial Hill
Graves at Burial Hill
View of Plymouth Harbor from Burial Hill, looking between the two churches in Town Square
Burial Hill, Site of First Fort of Pilgrims
Closeup of engraving on William Bradford's grave marker
William Bradford's Grave
Pilgrim Maiden Monument in Brewster Gardens
Pilgrim Maiden Monument sign
Pilgrim Maiden Monument
Memorial to Elder Brewster at Brewster Gardens
Walking up Leyden Street towards Town Square
Leyden Street
Talking with members of the Serven family in Plymouth
Posing on the bridge in Brewster Gardens
View of Plymouth Harbor
The Mayflower 2
Passenger of the Mayflower in character
Living conditions aboard the Mayflower 2
Closeup of Mayflower detail
Boats in Plymouth Harbor
Welcome to Plymouth street flag
Plymouth Harbor and a cruise boat
Family on Board the Mayflower 2
National Monument to the Forefathers
Education--National Monument to the Forefathers
Morality--National Monument to the Forefathers
Faith--National Monument to the Forefathers
Scene of signing the Mayflower Compact--National Monument to the Forefathers
List of Passengers--National Monument to the Forefathers
We decided to take the monument home on top of our car
Family at the Plymouth Harbor Beach
Jonathan and Sarah on the beach at Plymouth Harbor
Entering Plimoth Plantation
Canoe building at the Wampanoag Village
Jonathan at the Wampanoag Village
Morning Cooking at the Wampanoag Village
Inside a hut at the Wampanoag Village
Hannah and the garden at the Wampanoag Village