> Plymouth 2009

Family in front of a Wampanoag dwelling
Wampanoag woman growing corn in hills
Misty Marshland near Plimoth Plantation
Walking through the English settlement
Goat on the roof
Goats horsing around
Peregrine White, first baby born in Plymouth, takes a rest
Bradford ladies mending
A Plimoth Plantation garden
Mrs. Brewster tending her garden
Mr. Hopkins and Peregrine White
Mrs. Hopkins telling how her family came over to the New World
The uniquely stacked woodpile
Weeding the gardens
Martha Brown and one of her goats
Hopkins and Standish
Resident of Plimoth settlement telling his tale
Checking out a snake with Hopkins
Pilgrim Hall Museum
Stained Glass at Pilgrim Hall Museum
At Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock Landing
Sarah in front of the Pilgrim Mother's Monument
Pilgrim Mother's Monument
Family at the William Bradford Statue
Pilgrim Sarcophagus
Family in front of the Mayflower 2