> Reformation 500 Boston 2009

Entrance to the Boston Park Plaza hotel
The Liberty Bell replica in the hotel lobby
Foggy morning walk towards our first morning tour's starting location
Washington St. rendezvous, waiting for our first morning tour to begin
Gathering for our tour of Boston with Dr. Paul Jehle
Dr. Paul Jehle at the Benjamin Franklin Statue
Dr. Paul Jehle speaking at the Benjamin Franklin Statue
Benjamin Franklin Statue in front of Old City Hall
Old City Hall
the Old South Meeting House where many patriots gave orations
Dr. Paul Jehle speaking near the Old South Meeting House
Graves of Pilgrims and Founding Fathers at King's Chapel
Col. John Eidsmoe ready to give a tour at the King's Chapel Burying Ground
Eidsmoe and Holland at Ben Franklin's parents' grave
Paul Revere and John Hancock's graves at King's Chapel
Samuel Adams' Grave at King's Chapel
Touring the King's Chapel burying grounds
Lady Catherine of Willoughby tells her story
Mr. Torres portrays Richard Hakluyt
In our seats in the Imperial Ballroom ready for the opening ceremonies
Liberty did a great job playing the part of Queen Juana de Castile
Botkin siblings reenacting
George Washington was there
William Potter introducing speakers for the afternoon
Marcus Serven related much he has studied on the life of Calvin
Daniel Craig singing We'll Walk with God
Charlie Zahm regales us Wednesday evening and each day after
We had a chance to eat a meal with the Hayden family
Lydia, Susanna, and Nathan Hayden at the restaurant
Paul Jehle's Thursday morning lecture on John Robinson, pastor of the Pilgrims
Marcus Serven's Thursday morning lecture on Calvin's life
Lobby of the Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Col. Eidsmoe lectures on Calvin: Father of our Constitution
Dr. Jehle's interesting lecture
Happy Hotel Birthday, Mom!
Coldstone Creamery evening birthday treat
Dad and Hannah in the subway station Friday morning
We made our way right through Little Italy en route to our morning tour
Paul Revere Statue with steeple of the Old North Church in the background
Richard Holland at the Paul Revere Mall shares his knowledge of Boston history
Mom poses in the Paul Revere Mall area in the North End of Boston
Getting ready to go into the Old North Church
On our way to the Copp's Hill Burying ground
Col. John Eidsmoe at Copp's Hill
Dad standing in front of the Mather's tomb
The smallest house in Boston
Copp's Hill Burying Ground
Dad and Hannah on our Copp's Hill tour
Richard Holland speaks at North Square in front of the Paul Revere House
Flag near North Square and the Paul Revere House